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Our Values & Service Excellence

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Excellence

    We are committed to excellence. Our board strives for superior stewardship and staff is dedicated to delivering the highest quality care to all we serve.

  • Transparency

    We foster an openness between our agency, board, staff and constituents.

  • Integrity and Honesty

    We stand by these tenants adhering to the highest level of professional standards and code of ethics.

  • Financial Stewardship

    We gladly accept this charge of upholding the public trust and highest standards of accountability and transparency.

  • Diversity, Fairness and Inclusion

    We value and promote a diverse organizational culture which is inclusive and welcoming to all people. Our care model gently acknowledges, respects and integrates cultural values and beliefs into treatment.

  • Teamwork

    We believe in standing by each other, lifting each other up to be our best through teamwork, accountability, fun, laughter and celebrating wins.

  • Innovation & Technology

    We strive to ensure relevancy of services through advancement in technology and continued enhancement of facilities.

  • Looking Forward

    We actively seek the future for opportunity and growth, valuing and engaging in strategic oriented thinking.

Our Clients: Why We Exist

  • Client Care and Customer Service

    We are committed to compassionate care of our clients through a trauma focused lens ensuring respect, dignity, safety, choice and voice of all served.

  • Access to Services

    We open doors to high quality mental health care regardless of a client's financial limitation.

  • Compassionate and Restorative Care

    We exists to strengthen, improve, and empower the lives of hurting Texoma children and families, through compassionate and restorative mental healthcare.

  • Evidenced-Based Best Practices

    We practice the most relevant, proven treatment models and framework to ensure the best possible outcomes for clients.

  • Honor and Protect Clients' Privacy and Confidentiality

    We uphold our duty to the highest standards to respect, honor, and protect our clients privacy and confidentiality.

  • Strength-Based 

    We build on family and individual personal strengths.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    We are a data driven, results-oriented organization focused on measuring quality of care and success of treatment.

  • Professional Development

    We are committed to providing our clinical staff extensive training and development opportunities to ensure they deliver the high quality care possible.

Our Community: Every Relationship Matters

  • Community Members Needing Our Care

    We value you and your belief in our work to support, guide, and empower you toward hope, healing, and recovery.

  • Stakeholders and Constituents

    We greatly value the investment of time, expertise, advocacy and financial resources our various stakeholders and constituents bring to the agency.

  • Referral and Collaborative Partners

    We value and respect each partner's unique contribution to a multi-disciplinary and integrated model of care.

  • Advocacy

    We value and appreciate community leaders who stand with CFGC to further advance awareness and improvement in mental healthcare across our region.

  • On the Here For Texas website, you’ll find a wide array of information on mental health topics, resources and professionals.
    Visit to learn more.

  • The Texoma Behavioral Health Leadership Team (TBHLT) serves as the community's hub for mental health and wellness.
    Visit to learn more.